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Clinic Psychotherapy Center

We are a cognitive behavioral psychological center created with the purpose to attend mental health and wellbeing of the people in an effective and professional way, by a therapeutic process of mutual collaboration.

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Now you can listen the audios (Spanish)"With you in live and in Private"

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Focused on to identify the aspects that are negatively affecting the psychosocial and emotional development of the child.



Focused on the physic, emotional and social changes that surges on the adolescence.



Focused on the development or creation of thinking, emotional and behavioral abilities to optimize you.



For couples that wants to construct a more healthy and solid relationship.

Skype Therapy

"Optimize your daily wellness with our individual therapy by Skype"

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Our workshops will give you practical tools for personal development and abilities for life in different modalities. Know more

Radio WEB

Listen to our audios of the “With you in Live and in Private” program, where we approach issues of your interest. (Spanish) Listen to our programs


We offer you a great spectrum of conferences, each one with the purpose of approaching to actual issues of great interest. We have broad experience on institutional and scholar level.
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