A parent task bear a lot of challenges, it is a road full of joy, satisfactions, frustrations and questions; it implies to put on practice all our resources (emotional, cognitive, behavioral), that a father or mother has to take care or their child for the sake of his physic and psych emotional health. The rearing is a complex process because of elements like environment, training, family, parents´ educative styles, social and cultural environment by which the parent take care and educate their children giving them the possibilities of develop themselves and to integrate to the community.

Each one of our children have different qualities, a different temperament, a way to respond to different situations; there are little ones that are more sensible than others, anxious, analytic, with different genetic and biology. Every human being is unique and unrepeatable and that means special care on the growth for it to adapt to his biological, emotional, mental, social and autonomic needs.

The family roll is a key element, among others, for healthy individuals´ development. Rearing plays a fundamental roll on the bio psych social functions of families. We know that you have a commitment and interest for doing this parent task, an enriching experience.

  • To put limits on time
  • Psychomotor development
  • Stimulation
  • Education with values
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Stress management
  • Communication
  • Parents without guilty

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