Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation is a global look to the emotional, cognitive, contextual, physiological and physic qualities that people present through objective and methodological procedures

The evaluation is a needed tool to know the child and to be able to design the psychological intervention that he requires; however, the purpose of the evaluation can vary, being needed by legal process or asked by the school.

Evaluation targets

  • To know the child history where he can show the causes and elements that are involved in the problematic
  • To know the child´s socio emotional and biological development
  • To know the child context
  • To know the personalities variables
  • To elaborate a clinic judgment that provides the setting for the problematic
  • To present an intervention plan (if necessary)

To make the evaluation we use:

  1. Clinic interview
  2. Apply a group of psychological tests
  3. Free games

An evaluation last for 5 sessions, at the end you will receive a report of what was evaluated and found.
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